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LevroMono Creatine Monohydrate by Kevin Levrone

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LevroMono Creatine Monohydrate by Kevin Levrone


  • 300g
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LEVRONE LEVRO MONO is a product in the form of an easily dissolvable powder which allows you to enrich your everyday diet with high quality creatine monohydrate. The product can be used by beginners and professional athletes as well as by recreational sportsmen who desire additional support while working on their muscular physiques. The composition of the supplement has been additionally supplemented with beta-glucan. The product’s natural taste and easy solubility allow it to be used as an addition to other supplements such as gainers, pre-training supplements or beta-alanine.


What are the advantages of LEVRONE LEVRO MONO ingredients?


•  Creatine supplementation may prove to support body mass and muscle growth during regular exercise[1,2]


•  Creatine use contributes to increased physical performance during short-term and intense exercise[3,4]


•  Creatine monohydrate can be a valuable dietary supplement for increasing training adaptation and enhancing the process of muscle hypetrophy[5,6]


•  Creatine, by affecting water retention, can increase cellular hydration and improve hydration in exercisers[7]


•  Creatine supplementation has been recommended for years for physically active people – at every level and in various sports disciplines


•  The addition of ꞵ-glucan may have a beneficial effect on maintaining optimal cholesterol levels[3]





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