Creatine Black Label by MusclePharm


Muscle Pharm black label creatine helps increase athletes' atp energy, strength and muscle growth while helping to generate greater power.



Creatine HCL:

A form of creatine that dissolves easier than creatine monohydrate.  This may lead to better absorption and lower dosages.  Creatine is the most effective and researched supplement today which has been shown to increase strength, power, lean mass, and performance.[1,2,3]
Creatine Monohydrate:

Creatine monohydrate is the purest form of creatine and serves as an immediate reserve for energy (ATP) during exercise.  It also supports an increased training capacity and muscle mass.{4}
BioPerine Black Pepper:

BioPerine significantly enhances the bioavailability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption.[5]

L-Arginine supports blood flow to and from muscles. L-Arginine also triggers the body to make protein and has been studied for potential applications in healing wounds, bodybuilding, and preventing tissue wasting in people with critical illnesses.[6]
Niagen NAD+:

Niagen maintains and enhances mitochondrial health by boosting NAD+ levels and inducing creation of new mitochondria.