Shaaboom Pump by Kevin Levrone

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30 servings

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Orange Mango
Blackberry Pineapple
Citrus Peach
Icy Dragon Fruit
Mango Passion Fruit

 Product Overview.

Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump 450g US Version

The Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump Booster was created for one simple reason: to give you animal energy during every training session and to create superhuman, enormous muscle pumps. SHAABOOM PUMP is a crass muscle volumizer and hyperactive Energy Booster. The Pre-Workout Supplement has a proven formula with 5000 mg Beta-Alanine & 2000 mg Citrulline Malate. In addition, the Shaboom Pump Booster contains 3 forms of creatine: creatine monohydrate, tri-creatine malate & creatine HCl. Combined, they help to regenerate your ATP stores to keep your energy going and take your training sessions to a whole new level.

Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump promotes a continuous increase in anabolic ingredients such as Agmatine Sulfate & AKG to maximize your muscle hypertrophy during training and recovery after training. The manufacturer has also added a dose of caffeine to further increase the intensity and laser focus throughout your workout. The SHAABOOM PUMP Booster offers everything you have always been looking for to intensify your training and reach your dream physique.

Key Features

    • boosts the ATP storage and increases the energy supply
    • improves your training efficiency and helps you to recover quickly
    • enriched with beta-alanine, citrulline malate, arginine Akg, agmatine sulfate and caffeine
Additional Information

30 servings


Lemon, Orange Mango, Apple, Blackberry Pineapple, Citrus Peach, Icy Dragon Fruit, Mango Passion Fruit


Depending on body mass, add 1 measuring spoon to 150 – 200 ml water or mix 2 measuring spoons with 300 – 400 ml water. Drink the mixture about 20 minutes before training.


Before taking this product consult with your healthcare physician. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product should only be consumed by healthy adults over 18 years. Nutrition supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.