WHEYZOO by Zoomad Labs


Size: 3 lbs

3 lbs

Providing quality nutrients daily is important for developing and maintaining muscles. Muscles love “good food” just like we do. Pamper your muscles and your palate with WheyZoo , WPC80 protein with high biological value and fantastic flavors of instant dissolution and complete aminogram. Enriched by DigeZyme® , a proprietary combination of 5 enzymes chosen to facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption, reduce the risk of autoimmune disorders and intolerances, maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, and these enzymes are obtained from microbial sources, i.e. They do not have any animal products and do not contain gluten. Complete your breakfast with a 30gr of WheyZoo , perfect for replacing or completing meals during times of muscle definition, it provides high-quality nutrients with almost no caloric intake. Reaching the daily minimum protein requirements to build muscle is very difficult as well as expensive without your favorite protein shakes. WheyZoo has 45 shakes of 30g each that will help you meet your goals and needs. WheyZoo is formulated for and by athletes looking for supplements with the best quality-price ratio.


Mix 30 g (1 measuring pan) with 250-300 ml of water, milk, etc., and take once a day. / Mix 30g (1 scoop dispenser) with 250-300ml of water, milk, etc., and take it once a day.