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Whey protein supplements


Authenticity Information When Buying Your Supplements

pre workout supplements


branch chain aminor acids supplements

branch chain
aminor acids

Authenticity Information When Buying Your Supplements

mass gainers supplements


Authenticity Information When Buying Your Supplements

weight loss supplements


Authenticity Information When Buying Your Supplements

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Pakistan’s Authentic Online Supplements Store for Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Whey Protein & More.

Swole Spartan is Pakistan’s most authentic supplement store catering the needs of millions of Pakistanis for Nutrition, Fitness and more. We pride ourselves as Pakistan’s most reliable and authentic store that offers an array of supplements ranging from weight gain, weight loss, bodybuilding and much more.

Why Swole Spartan?

For the past 4 years, we have been tirelessly working with world renowned fitness experts in a pursuit to provide the best products to Pakistanis. We strive every day to bring you quality products without any third-party sellers.


Since being founded in February 2017, we have successfully revolutionized fitness ideals in Pakistan with our client-centric approach, our authentic products, online coaching and nutrition advice. Our customers have faith in us to carry the world’s largest fitness supplement brands at the most competitive prices. Today, we boast numerous transformations of body, mind, and soul that we have achieved through empowering clients with the precise knowledge of fitness and well-being.


Our clients satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we bring you authentic, and fairly priced products at your doorstep. Enjoy our 100% Authentic supplements and transform your life!

100% Authentic Supplements Guaranteed

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Wondering about the authenticity of our products? As Swole Spartan’s loyal customers, you have every right to check. We strive to fulfill our duty to you by providing 100% authentic products through the maintenance of tight quality control during the sourcing and distribution of supplements. All products at Swole Spartan are sourced directly from the respective brands or their official distributors.

To check and confirm authenticity, simply check the lot number, manufactured date, and expiration date, which can be easily found on each product, and provide those details to the manufacturer who will be able to verify.


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